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Toni & Gilda’s Vision

All Feminists United NOW for Women’s Lives Vote Toni & Gilda | Vote por Toni a Gilda During this time of critical challenges threatening much of what feminist activism has accomplished, Toni and Gilda are uniquely qualified to lead NOW forward. We will leverage our experience and energy to work with YOU to reinforce NOW as the  recognized iconic feminist organization, the foundation of the modern feminist movement blazzing a revolutionary trail in the ftwenty-irst century. We believe that NOW's progressive voice, unapologetic intersectional feminism and grassroots strength are essential to resist religious discrimination, white male supremacy and privilege and to achieve fundamental equality and justice for all. NOW has weathered organizational change, restored and strengthened its financial footing and undertaken modernization. NOW is well positioned to continue a frontline role, pioneering strategies and actions that will bridge generational, racial and economic gaps. Both Gilda and Toni have extensive business backgrounds in planning budgets, balancing accounts, increasing revenue, and preparing financial reports. Gilda's business degree and Toni's years of networking and negotiating with major corporate businesses are invaluable in today's highly competitive fundraising and association management world. Our Plan:  Ratify the ERA: Direct resources into a national educational campaign on the "Why". Given the recent success in Nevada, bring together activists to work in targeted states like Illinois to achieve full ratification with just two more states. Demand that the Senate ratify CEDAW.  Eliminate Violence Against Women: Adopt media watch programs to call out and publicize judicial, legislative, and media failures to stand up to violence, including femicide, and infanticide directed at women and girls with disabilities. Demand an end to the sexual abuse to prison pipeline. Insist universities and local schools adopt effective Title IX programs and implement policies that eliminate campus sexual harassment and assault.  Advance Economic and Educational Equality: Pass the Paycheck Fairness Act, promote comparable worth pay equity legislation at federal and state levels. Protect and expand Social Security with caregivers’ credit, end pregnancy discrimination and work for affordable, quality and workplace child care. Continue advocacy for low-income and immigrant women. Support quality, gender-inclusive public education for all Mobilize for Reproductive Rights: Promote national campaign on "Push Back, Restore Safe, Affordable, Accessible Abortion and Birth Control." End unwanted sterilization and genital mutilation. Protect and Advance LGBTQIA Rights: Lobby for the Equality Act and against so-called religious freedom bills. The current protections against discrimination. State religious freedom bills legalize discrimination and administration has stripped federal employees of many protections against discrimination. State religious freedom bills legalize discrimination and allow intimidation, bullying, and brutality.
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End Racism in All Forms: Create educational campaign to end implicit bias and racism throughout the country, including within NOW.  Monitor and publicize racial profiling, voting rights suppression, and oppression of immigrants. Assure voting rights for all and grow the  feminist vote. Unite with feminists of color to eradicate the double bind of race and sex discrimination. Promote Gender Equality in Government: Continue our campaign to elect feminists to office, including recruiting, screening and supporting feminists running for office. Assist the political efforts of NOW chapters. Disperse NOW members to rally the grassroots and volunteer in critical campaigns. Our team's philosophy values transparent, energetic, grassroots leadership. One of the first things we'll do is ask you what is needed. We'll develop and update the necessary organizing tools on-line. Additionally we'll: Invite activists to the National Action Center (NAC) for training, knowledge sharing and networking. Be in the streets planning and supporting actions, marches and rallies elevating our issues. Travel to your district to train emerging NOW leaders in organizing actions, marches, rallies and recruiting activists, interacting with media, and using social media effectively. Promote NOW with press, local radio, TV and social media. Participate in editorial board meetings along with chapter leadership. Train the trainers in fundraising, non-violent civil disobedience and networking to build local coalitions. Arrange for and accompany chapter leadership to meet donors in their Districts to increase grassroots and national income. Be intersectional in our feminist analysis and actions, recognizing and engaging in education to expose the intersectional patterns of racial injustice, LGBTQIA persecution, economic inequality, sexual and domestic violence, reproductive health and justice limitations, and women's second-class legal and cultural status. Continue as the umbrella organization that produces the Action Agenda, reaches out to allied organizations to build coalitions, and provides organizational leadership. Be visible by cultivating relationships with national media reporters. The NAC communications team will assist you in best approaches for promoting your actions, writing news releases and interview requests. Our team of pro-bono attorneys will brainstorm legal strategies including amicus brief participation, propose legislation, and provide guidance on organizational and PAC administration. All Feminists United NOW for Women’s Lives Vote Toni & Gilda | Vote por Toni a Gilda