Toni’s Timeline

Sampling of NOW Projects NOW Conferences Other Organizations Meetings Women’s Marches, Parades & Rallies Pride Marches Awards/Recognition Presentations/Speaker/Lecturer Florida NOW Lawsuits brought by, joined by or plantiff in:
2017  West Pinellas NOW Vice President Action 2016-17  Florida NOW's Action Committee Chairwoman 2012-17 West Pinellas NOW Treasurer 2010-14 National Board Member (2-two year terms) 2010-17 National Combatting Racism Committee 1996-01 Florida NOW President 1990-96 Florida NOW Treasurer 1989 Joined NOW & elected Upper Pinellas NOW Treasurer 2016 Spearheaded and organized Hillary 2016 Florida NOW Campaign 2013 Co-organized campaign for Woman of Color Centered Conference 2011 Co-author, NOW Racial Inclusion Action Plan 2011 2010 to date National Combating Racism Committee member 2001 Feminist Broadcast Network Task Force developer and member 2001 Attended abortion provider,Dr James Pendergraft's trial, Ocala, FL 2000 Spearheaded initiative, “Women’s Dialogue–Keeping the Door Open” (affirmation action campaign & speaking tour), State-Wide Florida 1999-01 Floridians Representing Equality and Equity (FREE), affirmative action state-wide coalition, served as treasurer and spokeswoman, Florida NOW member organization, along with NAACP. LULAC, BPW, Equality Florida, Florida Women's Consortium, 1998 Florida NOW led the way, adding women into the State Constitution with very strong privacy language that has stopped anti-abortion legislation 1998 Hate Crimes Working Group Member, U.S. Department of Justice, Florida Middle District, Chair of Prevention Committee 1997 National recognition organizing the Straight Women for Diversity Special Constituency Caucus 1997 NOW State President's & Coordinator's Training, Washington, DC 1996-98 Her Story, public access TV series, executive producer, Pinellas County, FL 1995 Convinced Florida College of Advanced Judicial Studies to present one-day program "Understanding Sexual Violence: The Judicial Response to Stranger and Non-stranger Rape and Sexual Assault" curriculum (NOW LDEF program) 1994 Spent 2 weeks in Pensacola to assist chapter members and clinics in establishing the first clinic buffer zones after the passage of Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances (FACE) upon the murder of Dr. Britton and escort Jim Barrett, Pensacola, FL 1994 Served as treasurer for Congressional Campaign for chapter member, Pinellas County, FL 1993 Successful campaign to add stringent penalties to Florida state law for law officers use of sexual violence during the arrest of women. This led directly to the arrest and conviction of the Bay County prison warden. 1992 Lead Sexual Harassment Policy implementation Pinellas County Primary and Secondary Schools, Pinellas County, FL 1992 Developed "Opposing Rape and Other Acts of Violence Against Women"  program, presented to elected officials and campaigning candidates, Tampa Bay, FL 1991 Gov. Lawton Chiles Inauguration, Tallahassee, FL 2016 NOW Conference, Washington, DC 2015 NOW Conference, New Orleans, LA 2014 NOW Conference, Albuquerque, MX 2013 NOW Conference, Chicago, IL 2012 NOW Conference, Baltimore, MD 2011 NC NOW State Conference, Fayetteville, NC 2011 NOW Conference, Tampa, FL 2010 NOW Conference, Boston, MA 2009 NOW Conference, Indianapolis, IN 2008 NOW Conference, Bethesda, MD 2007 NOW Conference, Detroit, MI 2006 NOW Conference, Albany, NY 2005 NOW Conference, Nashville, TN 2003 Women with Disabilities and Allies Forum, Bethesda, MD 2003 NOW Conference, Arlington, VA 2002 NOW Conference, St Paul, MN 2001 NOW Conference, National President campaign, lost by 36 votes out of 714, Philadelphia, PA 2000 Southwest Region and Nevada State NOW Conference. Mesquite, NV 2000 NOW Conference, Miami, FL 1999 NOW Conference, Los Angeles, CA 1998 Women of Color and Allies Summit, Arlington, VA 1998 NOW  Conference, Vision Summit, Rochester, NY 1997 National NOW Conference, Memphis, TN 1997 NOW Conference New York State, Kingston, NY 1997 Young Feminist Skills Building Summit, Washington, DC 1996 National NOW Conference, Las Vegas, NV 1996 Nevada NOW State Conference, Silver City, NV 1995 Young Feminist Summit on Violence, Akron, OH 1995 NOW Conference, Columbus, OH 1994 NOW Conference, San Antonio, TX 1993 NOW Conference, Boston, MA 1992 NOW Conference, Chicago, IL 1992 NOW's 25th year Celebration and Global Feminist Conference, GALA, French Embassy and Silver Anniversary concert at the Kennedy Center, Washington, DC 1991 National NOW Conference, New York City, NY 1991 National Young Feminist Conference, Akron, OH 1990 NOW Conference, San Francisco, CA 2016 Democratic Party Convention, Philadelphia, PA 2016 EqualiTea, Feminist Majority Foundation, Philadelphia, PA 2016 Democratic Women's Club of Florida, 60th Anniversary Conference committee member, St Petersburg, FL 2015 National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health, 20th Anniversary Gala, Dolores Huerta, Washington, DC 2015 National Women's Hall of Fame, Induction Weekend, Seneca Falls, NY 2015 Women in Leadership USFSP Leadership & Philanthropy 10th Anniversary, St Petersburg, FL 2013 The Commission on the Status of Women Caucus Meeting United Nations, New York City, NY 2012 Ms. 40th Anniversary Luncheon, Washington, DC 2011 Veteran Feminists of America, 45th Anniversary of the Founding of the Women's Movement, Rollins College, Winter Park, FL 2007 Pornography and Pop Culture, Re-framing Theory, Re-thinking Activism, Weelock College, Boston, MA 2002 Florida Democratic Party Delegate, Orlando, FL 2002 Florida Conference of Black State Legislatures, Tampa, FL 2002 Hospital Access Collaborative Conference invitee, Chicago, IL 2000 10th Annual Florida Civil Rights Conference, "Status of Civil Rights at the Turn of the Century" panelist, Orlando, FL 2000 Round-table discussion ABC TV ascertainment meeting on "Human Rights", Tampa, FL 2000 Academy of Florida Trial Lawyers, recognition of Florida NOW as an ally “Stand Strong for the Safety of Florida's Families”, Tallahassee, FL 1999 Florida Democratic State Convention delegate, Orlando, FL 1996 Feminist Expo '96, For Women's Empowerment, Washington, DC 1994 National Network of Women's Funds, Women of Color Institute panelist, Dallas, TX 1993 Ms Foundation Scholarship Conference on Economic Development, Washington, DC 1992 21st Century Party founding conference, Dolores Huerta, Chairwoman, Washington, DC 2017 Women's March, Washington DC 2011 The Rising of Women, International, New York City, NY 2004 March for Women's Lives, Washington,  DC 2001 NOW Emergency Action for Women's Lives, Washington, DC 2001 Supporting Abortion Rights & Dr. Pendergraft Rally, Ocala, FL 2000 World March of Women 2000, New York City, NY 2000 Coalition of Conscience March Convener-Speaker, between, Jesse Jackson and Martin Luther King III, 20,000 marchers, Tallahassee, FL 1999 Equality Begins At Home-on stage with Barney Frank, Urvashi Vaid, Nadine Smith, Tallahassee, FL 1999 "Linking Arms in Dangerous Times" Statewide Reproductive Rights & Freedom Petition Drive, Tallahassee, FL 1997 March for Social Justice, (Mushroom Farm Workers Strike), on stage with Dr. Joseph Lowery, Quincy, FL 1996 Fight the Radical Right, San Francisco, CA 1995 75th Anniversary Suffragette City Parade, St Petersburg, FL 1995 Rally for Women's Lives, Washington, DC 1994 Fight the Radical Right, Tampa, FL 1993 March for Our Lives, Celebrate Diversity, Tampa, FL 1993  We Won't Back Down Rally, Pensacola, FL 1992 March for Women's Lives Washington, DC 1989 Women's March on Tallahassee, FL, FL NOW convener 10,000 marchers 1989 Mobilize for Women’s Lives, Washington, DC 2003, 2006 & 2007 St. Petersburg Pride 1999 Los Angeles Pride 1993 Tampa Pride 1992 Chicago Pride 1991 New York City Pride 1990 San Francisco Pride 2011 Veteran Feminist of America Award “For tireless advocacy of women’s reproductive justice and for raising the issue of the degradation and misogyny of pornography” 2001 Honorary Conch of the Florida Keys 2000 Florida Atlantic University Award “Unsung Heroine” 2000 Florida State University 1st Annual Food for Thought Debate presented by ACLU 1996 Time Warner Channel 21, Intern Extraordinaire, Spotlight Achievement Award 1996 National Network of Grantmakers, Herstory, Feminist TV Series, Jackson, MS 1994 Guest of Bonnie Raitt "Longing in their Hearts World Tour", New Orleans LA in recognition of Pensacola abortion work  1977 YMCA of Upper Pinellas and West Pasco Counties People Business Award for unselfish dedication to the YMCA and the people it serves International 2017  June, Speaker Asian Youth Humanist Conference "A Revolution is Brewing", Manila, Philippines 2013 March, Commission on the Status of Women 57th Session, official delegation member of Millennia 2015 of Belgium, United Nations, New York City, NY 2012 July-August, Moscow State University Summer School, lecturer on the Intersection of Humanism and Feminism, Moscow, Russia; 2012 January presented at an UNESCO "The 21st Century: Towards the New Humanism Conference", Topic, "An End to Violence Against Women in the Home and the Streets" Paris, France 1999 Met with Northern Ireland Assembly members, Monica McWilliams, of the Northern Ireland Women's Coalition, Belfast, Northern Ireland 1999 Bannside Development Community, group of Catholic and Protestant neighbor women devoted to ending the violence by meeting weekly with their children to find common ground  to end the war, supported them financially for 3 years by selling their hand made Christmas products here in the US. 1997-1999 Association of Women of the Mediterranean Region, member, Cyprus National 2017 Florida Constitution Revision Committee, Tallahassee and Statewide, FL 2012 Traveled FL campaigning  to NIXSIX anti abortion Florida constitutional amendment-We WON! 2005 Unitarian Universalist Church, "Olympia Brown-The Battle for Equality",  St Petersburg, FL 2005 Minority Development Conference, "What Do Women Want; the Unwritten Rules in Business "and panel discussion on "Empowering Women", St Petersburg, FL 2002 Debated across the state for women and affirmative action. 2001 NOW-NYS Annual Conference, Plenary presenter, Albany, NY 2001Pro-Democracy Convention Sponsored by the Center for Constitutional Rights, represented NOW and Equality Florida, Philadelphia, PA 2000 Florida 10th Annual Civil Rights Conference-"Status of Civil Rights at the Turn of the Century" panel member, Orlando, FL 2000 Southern Women's Festival, "Privilege -Why Equal Opportunity Programs are Important" St Mary's River, FL 2000 Canvassers Conference,  community outreach organizers, Columbus, OH 2000 "Love Comes Out" Rally speaker, Equality Florida, Tampa, FL 1999 9th Annual State of Florida Civil Rights Summit speaker w/Wade Henderson, Leon Russell, current chair of NAACP, and Barbara Arnwine, Miami, FL 1999 SheFest '99, Michigan 1997 Florida Department of Corrections Second Female Focused Symposium presenter, Tallahassee, FL 1997 Annual Florida Women's Conference "The Spirit of Beijing" executive committee member and  presenter, Tampa, FL 1996 National Network of Grantmakers Conference speaker, Minneapolis, MN 1996 CBS Studio Center, Guest of Barbara Bloodworth-Thomason, Designing Women producer, Los Angeles CA 1994 National Network of Women's Funds, Women's Health, from a Privilege to a Right 1993 Urban Issues Roundtable, Florida House of Representatives, topic "Address the Needs and Concerns of African Americans" 1993 Our Daughters: Investing in Our Future, National Network of Women's Foundation, Dallas, TX CEDAW Continuous Countrywide presentation. 2000 City of St Petersburg, Bayfront Community Hospital removal from Catholic alliance. We won! 2000 Sued State of Florida law that capped damages civil lawsuits. Stop enforcement of parental notification, outlaw so-called partial birth abortion, stopped the misnamed "Women's Right to Know brochure, Tort Reform and the dismantling of Affirmative Action 1999 Stop the anti-abortion license plate "Choose Life" lost 2002  Promise Keepers Informational Picket, trespassing and resisting arrest w/o violence  case adjudicated: community service 1969 Aiding and Abetting illegal abortion-Felony charge, jailed, case adjudicated: aborted 2010 to date President of the Institute for Science and Human Values, Inc. 2006 to date Registered Congressional Lobbyist 2004-09 Director of Public Policy, Center for Inquiry, Washington DC 1986-96 Founded Travel Works, a women only owned travel cooperative 1977-2004 International Travel Associates Inc-national accounts included: *NOW National Board and National Action Center *United Farm Workers, Dolores Huerta *Americans United for Separation of Church and State, Barry Lynn *Feminist Majority  Foundation “Women in Policing” Conferences *1996 Feminist Majority Foundation Expo *NOW Legal, Defense and Education Fund and National Judicial Education Program *1992 National Abortion Rights March in Washington DC *The 21st Century Party *The National Network for Women's Foundations Conferences *The 1991 Ms Foundation "Mosaic for Choice" Conference 1977-83 Tour Hosts of Florida, an in-bound travel service 2016 NAACP St Petersburg Chapter 2015 to date Chairwoman of Americans United for Separation of Church and State Speakers Bureau 2011 to date Board Member of the Institute for Humanist Studies 2014-15 Big Sister of Pinellas County, Big Sister 1994 to date Girls Inc. supporter Juneteenth recognized Supporter 2003-2005 Resource Center for Women, Pinellas County, Board member and volunteer Pinellas County Committee of 100 Seminole Chamber of Commerce Clearwater Metro YMCA board member Sponsor of Girls' Softball Team Pinellas County School System Speakers Bureau Garden Club of Seminole co-founder/officer
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"The National Organization for Women needs leadership like Toni's" ~ Donna Slutiak, Former Florida NOW President
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