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About Gilda

“Gilda Yazzie’s steady leadership has guided NOW through some of its most difficult times. As chair of the National Board’s budget committee, Gilda assisted our officers in bringing NOW back from the brink of bankruptcy”~ Beth Corbin
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About Gilda Yazzie Gilda joined NOW when she realized that working with a national grassroots and feminist organization was essential to to moving a progressive agenda forward. She has been active with NOW since 1996 as a Lifetime member. First elected to the national NOW board in the early 2000's, Gilda's strong leadership skills took her to positions on both the Budget and National Conference Committees. Other NOW roles include Chair of the Structure and Modernization Committee, part of NOW's Modernization Campaign, and as principal organizer of the 2005 Women of Color and Allies Summit. Currently, a member of the 2016-2018 national NOW board, representing the Western District, Gilda serves on the Budget Committee and the Structure and Process Committee. She is also hard at work facilitating the formation of new chapters. Gilda plans to continue assisting with NOW's leadership towards intersectional grassroots activism and is committed to mentoring feminist activists in growing their leadership skills and experiences. For Gilda, as an enrolled member of the Navajo Nation, it's natural to be a feminist leader. About her heritage, Gilda says, "Feminism is in our DNA; we are a matrilineal society." Gilda resides in her beautiful ancestral home on a Navajo reservation, while working between two worlds: indigenous and contemporary. She has always been an advocate for racial justice and civil rights. In addition, she continues her activism as an advocate for tribal and indigenous issues by keeping well informed about federal and state issues as they relate to native concerns. Gilda has a Bachelor's degree in business administration, and has been self-employed in various business enterprises throughout her professional life. As an entrepreneur, she has worked with local, state and federal government agencies as well as with native sovereign native nations. Growing up in a family of 11 siblings, Gilda learned to be self-sufficient while providing for others. She has gained strong problem-solving skills, is able to think and act creatively, embraces diversity, and always strives to understand the "bigger picture" before making important decisions. These are all critical qualities needed to lead a large, complicated and nationally-important feminist activist organization. She is #NOWStrong Vote for TONI & GILDA* Vote por TONI a GILDA